Honor Roll – World War II

Below is a listing of those from LaSalle County in Illinois who lost their lives in the service of the United States Armed Forces during World War II. To find stories from other counties, click here: World War II Fallen – Bureau County, Illinois.

Click here to see where they all lived prior to entering the service: Honor Roll WWII Residence Map


S SG Gilbert E Amos, Service No. 36430298

T SG William Louis Aplington, Service No. 36765437

PFC Samuel P. Baratta, Service No. 36437817

PFC John F. Barsztaitis, Service No. 36002814

2 LT Robert S. Bartley, Service No. O-733512

T SG Anton J. Budgen, Service No. 16019863

SGT Arthur J. Burkhart, Service No. 36312077

PVT William R. Cosgrove, Service No. 36475123

PVT Stanley C. Frackowiak, Service No. 36319811

Seaman 2C Joseph James Geraci, Service No. 8515544

SGT Carl Gielow, Service No. 36485740

PFC Walter B. Gielow, Service No. 36327153

PVT John W. Gorczynski, Service No. 36775718

SGT Robert James Hetherington, Service No. 36000529

2 LT Raymond C. Hopp, Service No. O-819812

PFC Ludwig Frank Hrovat, Service No. 36445593

Seaman 1C John Joseph Iwanicki

Seaman 1C Stanley Joseph Iwanicki

PFC Eugene Joseph Kellner, Service No. 36690379

T/SGT Eugene Joseph Kieras, Service Number 36480578

Seaman 2C Robert August Koehler, Service no. 9450770

Ship’s Cook 2C Casimir Andrew Leszczynski Service No. 3010825

CPL Clarence Mallick, Service No. 339176

TEC5 Jittie Mardirosian, Service no. 36062113

SGT William R. Merrick, Service Number 00466277

T/3 Charles Mlaker, Service Number 36013958

T/3 Edward John Moriarity, Service No. 36479112

SGT Frank Stanley Novitski, Service No. 36063533

2nd LT Ludwig Novlan, Service Number O-2092944

SGT Anthony Joseph Osenkarski, Service No. 277522

PFC Edward Albert Pietrowski, Service No. 36430249

PVT Edward Bernard Pilch, Service No. 36060260

SGT Joseph Piraino, Service No. 36981801

STAFF SGT Anthony Thomas Piraino, Service No. 36433970

SF 3/C Robert Godfrey Reinhard, Service No. 7251857

PVT James Reynolds, Service No. 386368

PFC John Tomazin Jr., Service No. 36297456

PFC John Anthony Torchia, Service No. 36438620

2LT Bernard Dominic Valesano, Service Number O-825336

PVT Angelo Joseph Venturi, Service No. 36327175

PVT Frank N. Zabkar, Service No. 36775615

CPL Bernard John Zawila, Service No. 425509


PFC Alfonso P. Bassetti, Service No. 36911431

PFC Leroy A Carbine, Service No. 36904695

PVT Donald J. Gedye, Service No. 36029433

PVT Robert F. George, Service No. 36689944

PVT John M. Gerdovick, Servicel No. 36675870

PFC Batista J. Gillio, Service No. 36482154

TEC5 Clement L. Gillio, Service No. 36323575

SGT Stanley J. Gorisek, Service No. 36371734

PFC Gilbert J. Hobneck, Service No. 

SGT Martin Kotar, Service No. 36371682

STAFF SGT Charles Walters, Service No. 36044538

STAFF SGT Lawrence Wayne Watson, Service No. 36485720

SGT Sylvester Wrobleski, Service No.

TEC4 Theodore Zarnicki, Service No. 36063339

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CPL Frederick J. Breuning, Service No. 16030904

PFC Delmar A Delaney, Service No. 36372055

SGT Sylvester Galas, Service No. 36761563

PFC John J. Goletz, Service No. 16016241

PFC Milton J. Haas, Service No. 36371784

ASST COOK, Christ N. Hennum, Service No. 

PVT Leonard I. Howarth, Service No. 36672551

PVT Albert L. Johnson, Service No. 36673535

2LT Valerian E. Klein, Service No. O-819407

PVT Frank A. Kozak, Service No. 36687004

PVT Michael S. Krystofek, Service No. 36395608

2LT Arley J. Kuehn, Service No. O-712172

PVT Robert T. Lathrop, Service No. 36029533

STAFF SGT Frank F. Liss, Service No. 36014000

FIRE CONTROLMAN 3C, Adolph John Loebach, Service No.

PFC Daniel J. Mertes, Service No. 36475128

2LT Dale O. Meyer, Service No. O-743472

PVT Andrew W. Mrowicki, Service No. 36761577

PFC Ralph W. Mueller, Service No. 36062038

RADIOMAN 3C, Francis James Ploger, Service No.

PVT, Albin J. Pocivasek, Service No. 36693406

PVT Aloysius J. Przbyla Service No. 36443912

SHIP’S COOK 3C, James Joseph Riedel, Service No.

TEC5 Edward W Sell, Service No. 36312542

Flight Officer Arthur Dale Starkey, Service Number T-223756

SEAMAN 2C, Stanislaus Ernest Washiewicz, Service No. 3010587

PFC Adolph E. Yagodich, Service No. 849923

PFC Ladislaus Zawacki, Service No. 36696116

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