Another Census Infographic – the Census over Time

The Census Bureau recently released another infographic illustrating the census over time. For each decade it describes the changes in the way data was collected. You can click the image below to go to the Census Bureau page and pick up your own copy of this in pdf or txt form.   [Source: U.S. Census Bureau]  

The US 1940 Census and My Elusive Daltons

Edit (4/25/2020): At the time of the original writing of this post, I had believed this to be one of my paternal ancestral lines based on research I had done. Since then, DNA testing has proven otherwise. However, I am leaving the post live for those who are researching this line. Original Post: The release of the US 1940 census is almost upon us – only 30 more days. And when that day finally arrives, and the records are thrown open, who will be the first person you seek? For me, it will be Joseph Dalton, one of the more…

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