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Organizing Genealogy Books

A few of my genealogy books
A few of my genealogy books



Since the first week of Thomas MacEntee’s Genealogy Do-Over covers organization, I decided to start by organizing all my genealogy books. As I collected them throughout the house and placed them in one bookcase, I decided it was probably also a good idea to create an inventory of them. That way, I would always know which books I have already purchased.

To make the process go a little faster, I used the Dragon Dictation app on my iPhone and just read the title to the phone. Then after the app translated the title, I copied and pasted the text into my Notes app. After I had the entire list of all 71 books, I emailed the list to myself and put it into a Google sheet organizing each listing under a specific topic. I suppose I could have tried to copy and paste directly into the Google sheet from the Dragon Dictation app, but it seems more difficult to navigate in Google Sheets on a smaller device than it is to use the Notes app. Now, no matter where I am, I can always go to my Google Drive and check to see which books I already have.


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