Family History

Paternal Update on My Birthline

Earlier this year I was finally able to reconcile my genealogy research with my DNA. The key outcome of this effort was the realization that my birth father was not actually the person my research had led me to. Because this experience is a good example of the importance of DNA in researching family history, I blogged about the experience and related work that led me to my actual birth father over on another site I set up: Finding Father – Circumstantial vs DNA Evidence.

So based on this new knowledge, I have updated my list of surnames shown on my contact page. As for the older posts related to the family I had thought was my paternal line, I am leaving them up because they could still offer useful family information for anyone else researching that family. Eventually some day, when I have more time, I may end up writing up my research on that family since I have so many records. When I do, I’ll make it available online for other researchers. But for now, I’m working on my new paternal line which has proved to be more challenging. I’ll share some of my work in future posts.

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